A lot can change

in 10 years

Certified PAs re-certify every 10 years. With health care changing faster than ever, Certified PAs agree: certification helps you show your stuff.

What’s new for you?

Advances in medicine and biologics topped the list for Certified PAs. What else has changed?

Message from the NCCPA President & CEO

Dear Colleagues,

Like most PAs, my professional roles and responsibilities have changed throughout my career—changes in clinical discipline and practice setting, diverse roles in PA and medical education, and my current role as president and CEO of NCCPA. I would love to say that I charted this specific career path, but, in reality, my journey has been full of interesting and enlightening experiences, people and stories, marked by unexpected twists and turns that have led me to where I am today.

Medicine never stops changing. Neither do Certified PAs. 

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